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What is a book trailer?

Book trailers (which can be pretty simple or almost as elaborate as a film trailer) are used by publishers and sales reps for PR purposes and to help sell the book into bookshops. I’ve actually only ever had one produced for one of my books – and that was probably because I put it together myself.  For my book Where’s Wallis? […]

I’ve been to Bali, too.

I never wanted to go to Bali. I steered clear of the ‘Island of the Gods’ because I always thought it was more like ‘Island of the Yobs’. I imagined Bali to be full of seriously inebriated Aussies in Bintang singlets drinking buckets of iridescent cocktails in the Fair Dinkum Bonza Koala Bar. Okay, that pretty well sums […]

Travel highlights of 2009.

Another year has flown by (they really do fly the older you get) and it’s been another great year of travelling for me. I feel so blessed to have these wonderful opportunities to travel like I do and there were many ‘highlights’ in my travels this year. And often the highlights are not necessarily about a […]

From kartoffelpuffers to nasi goreng.

My liver survived all the beer in Germany and I’m now in Ubud, Bali for the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival. I ended my German Beer Drinking Tour, I mean Book Tour, back in Stuttgart to meet up with a bunch of couch surfers to attend Canstatter Volksfest (basically a big fun fair with huge beer tents in […]

If it’s Friday, this must be Hannover.

I’m nearing the end of my book tour around Germany for Couch Surfing: Eine abenteuerliche Reise um die Welt and scheiße am I tired. The tour has been going very well, though, and the book events have been well attended, my couch surfing hosts have been wonderful and I’ve eaten and drunk my body weight in wurst and beer. […]

Clowning around in Frankfurt.

Tomorrow I fly to Frankfurt for the publicity tour of Couch Surfing – Eine abenteuerliche Reise um die Welt. Although I have been to Germany around twenty times the last time I was in Frankfurt was 20 years ago! In fact, Frankfurt was the first city I flew to on my first Big Trip OS. But, my first […]

The Candy Cabs of Bangkok.

I love it when a city has iconic taxis. They can become a symbol of the city and add a real ‘personality’ to the place. Everyone knows what a London black cab or a New York yellow taxi looks like even if they havn’t been there before. I also love the cute green and white […]

Hemingway can’t sing karaoke.

In 2003 I went to the Ernest Hemingway Festival in Key West, Florida for my book The Naked Man Festival and met a man with a white beard called Tom Grizzard. Tom was one of 150 men with white beards who were all competing in the Hemingway lookalike competition (I took the above photo of him and his colourful […]