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Travels in my Shoebox – City Maps

It’s time to dig into my shoeboxes again. So far on my Travels in my Shoebox blogs I have dragged out my beer coaster collection, boarding passes and bank notes. My largest collection, however (filling up an impressive three whole shoeboxes), is my collection of city maps. Remember them? Why I say that is because you […]

Where to go for a Mancation.

I often get asked for travel advice (which I love giving because I love any excuse to talk about travel) and if it’s about a certain destination then I usually have some ideas of what to do or where to stay or were to eat. But last week a guy I was working with asked me, ‘I […]

Album cover tourism.

A couple of blogs ago I talked about searching out movie locations while travelling. In a similar theme, have you ever searched out the location of an album cover? I’ve spotted some purely by accident (Pink Floyd’s Battersea Power station and the inflatable pig from ‘Animals’ is one – except the floating pig wasn’t there), […]

Dining with locals.

‘What was your best meal?’ That’s the first question I ask friends when they have returned from a trip – whether it’s a three month backpacking trip to Africa or a week holiday in Queensland. Trying (and savouring) different foods is such a big part of travelling for me, so I love to hear about […]

The hills are alive with Eat, Pray, Love.

‘EPL,’ our Balinese waiter whispered to us with a wink. He nodded in the direction of a woman in her mid 30s sitting at a table by herself with a cocktail reading a book. Our waiter was referring to Eat, Pray, Love, the mega-best-selling book and subsequent film starring Julia Roberts. The book had already […]

Bloody Starbucks.

That’s what I said when I spotted a Starbucks in Ubud. ‘Are tourists that desperate for a shitty chain coffee?’ I asked my wife as we strolled past the giant Starbucks right in the heart of central Ubud. I knew that they were coming to town because a local had mentioned their imminent arrival the last time I visited and they […]


On my recent family trip to Bali we split the trip in half both in the destination and the type of accommodation we stayed in. On Nusa Lemobongan we stayed in a villa in a resort, which was booked through bookings.com, while in Ubud we stayed in a private villa, which was booked through Airbnb. […]