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Travel highlights of 2011.

I’m only just doing my travel highlights of 2011, because my travels from 2011 stretched into 2012 and I’ve just got home. It was another great year of travelling adventures – although there is always never enough travelling. Highlights included visiting the colourful (and tourist free) mountain markets of north-west Vietnam, getting hopelessly lost in the backroads […]

I’m going to prison.

Well, that’s what it looks like from my new passport photo (although the tribal tattoo on my forehead came out nicely). What am I talking about – it’s looks as if I’m getting a police mug shot for every passport that I’ve ever had. And it’s the same for most people (although my girlfriend Beth […]

Book launch and Key Party.

Okay, I may have looked a little like a pimp, but that’s how the cool dudes dressed in 1974. And that’s how I dressed for the  book launch of Tell Them to Get Lost on Thursday night. I did get a few stares walking to Readings Bookshop in St Kilda, because St Kilda is also hooker central […]

Party food for the book launch.

It’s the book launch of Tell Them to Get Lost tomorrow night, so I thought I’d give you a taste of the food we might eat if we were in 1974. Although you probably wouldn’t want to eat it, because those hip cats in 1974 ate some weird shit. I found some recipe cards from 1974 and looking at […]

Air travel (and mini skirts).

It’s only one month until the launch of Tell Them to Get Lost, so I’ve decided to take a quick flight back to the 70s. When the Wheelers flew to South East Asia to research South east Asia on a Shoestring in 1974 they flew TAA and wore bell-bottom jeans and floral shirts. The non-hippies in the […]

Happy birthday to me.

I’m spending my birthday today in wintry Melbourne going ice-skating with my daughter Jasmine followed by dinner at a Teppanyaki restaurant (Jasmine just loves it when the chef throws food at her). I actually figured out yesterday that I’ve only had six birthdays in Melbourne in the past 20 years with ten of them being […]

The Laundry Boat Express.

After I finished my tour of duty in Vietnam with SNV I had a few days off before heading home. I went to a cooking class, had a massage (and no, not one with a happy ending!) and went on a 3-day cruise of Halong Bay. The cooking class (with Hidden Hanoi) was fantastic. There were only […]

Off the beaten track in Vietnam.

I’ve just got home from another wonderful trip through the wilds of Northern Vietnam. Like my visit last November I was doing some volunteer work for SNV, a Dutch NGO based in Hanoi. From Hanoi we travelled by car up into the Northern Highlands through areas that don’t get too many tourists. Last time I helped design […]

Travel highlights of 2010.

It wasn’t a big travelling year for me compared to last year, but the few overseas and local trips that I took were full of great highlights. From staying at five-star resorts (with our own private butler) to skiing untracked powder (in Australia no less) to dining with locals in the mountains of Vietnam (oh, […]

Vietnam: The romance of parrots.

I just got back from a wonderful trip to northeast Vietnam where I was doing some volunteer work for an NGO. I didn’t help build a school (and if I did it would fall over in a week), but I was helping bring more tourists into the relatively untouched Northern Highlands. The NOGO is SNV, which is a non-profit organisation […]