Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Karaoke World Tour – Kyrgyzstan

We’re back for Part Three of Brian’s Karaoke World Tour. I was in Kyrgyzstan as part of the research for my book Where’s Wallis? and on my final night I hit the streets of the capital Bishkek in search of karaoke (as any good travel writer would!). It was there that I found most of the young cool set of Bishkek loitering on the footpaths of the main drag Chuy Prospektisi. Kids loiter on city streets at night in every city in the world, but these kids had a better reason to hang about than most. Every twenty metres or so along the street there was a full karaoke set-up, complete with TV monitors, large speakers, flashing lights and even plastic chairs for the audience. The combined cacophony of badly sung, god-awful soppy Russian love songs was both ear-and nerve-shattering, but I loved it. Read more

Where's wallis book trailer

What is a book trailer?

Book trailers (which can be pretty simple or almost as elaborate as a film trailer) are used by publishers and sales reps for PR purposes and to help sell the book into bookshops. I’ve actually only ever had one produced for one of my books – and that was probably because I put it together myself.  For my book Where’s Wallis? I got a friend to film it (with his shaky video camera) then I sliced and diced and edited it all together on iMovies. Anyway, I thought you might like a look. The sound is a bit dodgy at the end of the video (the sound was fixed up for the final edit) but at least it’s not as bad as my dodgy accent or my dodgy choice of fashion! Read more