Birthday in Zermatt

Happy birthday to me.

I’m spending my birthday today in wintry Melbourne going ice-skating with my daughter Jasmine followed by dinner at a Teppanyaki restaurant (Jasmine just loves it when the chef throws food at her). I actually figured out yesterday that I’ve only had six birthdays in Melbourne in the past 20 years with ten of them being overseas (I also figured that because I wasn’t in the country then I didn’t technically have a birthday as such so I’m actually ten years younger!). I have had some great birthdays overseas, though. And just because it’s my birthday and I can do whatever I want I thought I’d share a few stories and pics from my OS birthdays with you.

Ericiera, Portugal
Hired bicycles then rode to a deserted beach and got badly sunburnt.
Birthday in Ericeira

Zermatt, Switzerland
A day of ‘summer’ skiing on the glacier followed by skolling six large beers in two hours because the hostel had a ten o’clock curfew (pic at top of blog).

London, England
Some restaurant. Um, can’t remember. Must of got quite drunk.

Amsterdam, Netherlands
What I didn’t do in Amsterdam for my birthday: smoke grass, eat a space cake, wear wooden clogs or go to a prostitute
What I did do in Amsterdam for my birthday: ate Poffertjies, ate Gouda cheese, drank Heineken and went to a live sex show.

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland
Went ’summer’ skiing (again) on the Jungfraujoch Glacier then had a cheese fondue with 47 Koreans (I was working for Top Deck)

Trincomalee, Sri Lanka
Went snorkeling of Pigeon Island then had a Pina Colada on the beach.
Birthday in Sri lanka

St Goar, Germany
Drank beer out of a glass boot and ate a schnitzel the size of my head.

Methven, New Zealand
Went heli-skiing all day and was so tired that I dozed off to sleep at dinner after two beers.
Birthday in Methven

Nandi, Fiji
I seem to remember lots of Fiji Bitters then me going up on stage to sing with the resident band – or something like that at least

Memphis, USA
Went to Sun Studios (thang you very much) then had a ‘King Creole Salad’ at Elvis Presley Restaurant in Beale street
Birthday in memphis

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