German bier hall

no sex on the bus

Rule No.5: No Sex on the Bus


Rule No.2: Learn all names on day one.

Rule No.3: Don’t get lost.

Rule No.5: Crew must not engage in sexual activity on board the bus with passengers or fellow employees.

But then rules were made to be broken, right?

Brian confesses all as he reveals the best (and worst) of 20 trips as a tour leader around Europe. How he managed to feed a
bus load of tourists horse meat spaghetti bolognese, hamburgers made from breakfast cereal, and roosters’ testicles; how he left
a lone passenger stranded by the side of a motorway in France for three hours in nothing but his
underwear clutching only a purple toothbrush; and how, along the way, he managed to lose his driver, his cook,
10 brightly coloured canal bikes, a large church, his bus and eventually his patience.


‘Thacker takes readers along for a jolly ride’
USA Today

‘Hilarious observations about European travel’
Travel and Leisure (USA)

‘This is the most hilarious book I have ever read.’
The West Australian

‘At times I laughed so hard the tears were flowing down my face’
Gold Coast Bulletin

‘This book is laugh out loud hilarious’
Vacations & Travel

‘Brian Thacker will have you spellbound’
Sunday Telegraph

‘An entertaining romp full of colourful characters, places and incidents.’
Canberra Times

‘So ridiculous I kept wondering why I continued reading (answer: it’s very funny)’
The Sydney Morning Herald

‘Goddamn this book is funny.”
Entropy Magazine