The Candy Cabs of Bangkok.

I love it when a city has iconic taxis. They can become a symbol of the city and add a real ‘personality’ to the place. Everyone knows what a London black cab or a New York yellow taxi looks like even if they havn’t been there before. I also love the cute green and white VW bugs in Mexico City and the tiny black and yellow Renaults in Barcelona. One of my favourites, though, is the London cab (the instantly recognisable Austin FX-4). These venerable machines had been unchanged since they were specially designed and built in 1959 (although sadly, in 1997 they finally stopped manufacturing them). But, now I have a new favourite. The Candy Cabs of Bangkok. When I was in Bangkok earlier this year, my girlfriend Beth and I would get so excited every time we spotted a fluro pink or iridescent purple or luminous orange cab, but on my recent trip to Bangkok last week I became a little obsessed with them. I set out to find and take a photo of as many candy colored cab combinations as I could find. I did quite well, but I missed getting a photo of my favourite one, however – a fetching hot pink and lime green two-tone one  – because the driver zoomed past me so quickly that he almost bowled me off my bicycle. Read more