The 14 wackiest places to stay with Airbnb.

There was an old tourist who stayed in a shoe. Actually, anyone can stay in this shoe. It’s one of the wacky places to stay in listed on Airbnb. I follow Airbnb on Instagram because I love seeing all the amazing and cool places that you can stay in, but there are also some seriously kooky places you can stay in as well. I’ve trowled my way through the Airbnb website and found my 14 favourite wackiest places to doss down for the night (make sure you click some of the links to the actual Airbnb sites – the insides of some are just as kooky!):



Boot and Breakfast
Tasman, New Zealand – $287 a night
You won’t get ‘whipped soundly and put to bed’, but just like the Old Lady you can stay in this cottage shaped like a giant boot. The one-bedroom home is all fairy-tail cutsey inside as well and even has an open fireplace and breakfast service (which I’d hope is not ‘broth and bread’).



Beer Barrel
Ostbevern, Germany – $150 a night
I bet there is a whole bunch of people who have fallen asleep next to a beer keg, but in Germany you can actually sleep inside one. This rather large 19th century beer barrel has been converted into a bedroom.  They also have a barrel sauna. I’m not sure if they also have a barrel toilet.



Covered Wagon
Shirley Basin, Wyoming – $134 a night
Yee ha. I’d be worried that the Indians (sorry, native Americans) would circle the wagon, but you can relive the pioneering days travelling through the Old West – but hopefully not as smelly. This wagon has been fully restored to include a bed, stove and even lighting that’s not one of those gas lamps that always seems to set the wagon on fire in movies.



Afghani Yurt
Nuremberg, Germany – $44 a night
This very authentic Afghani yurt complete with just as authentic Afghani interior is not in Afghanistan. It’s in a backyard of someone’s house in Germany. Mind you, you just need the sound of guns and bombs going off outside and it would be just like being in Afghanistan.



Cottonwood, Idaho – $131 a night
This barking-mad B&B overlooking the prairies of rural Idaho invites visitors to spend a night or two in the doghouse. The beagle-shaped building sleeps four and welcomes ‘responsible dogs’ who turn up with well-behaved humans. Woof.



1SQM House
Berlin, Germany – $1.45 a night
This is for real budget travellers (or anyone of a masochistic persuasion). This ‘box’ offers a whole square metre to stretch out in. The idea is that guests pay €1 per night and can then enjoy use of a tiny, portable house. After dark, they flip it over onto its side and bed down for the night wherever they like.



Giraffe Manor
Nairobi, Kenya – $500 a night
At this home your host will often have breakfast with you, but be careful – he has a really long tongue. He even pokes his head into the lounge room to watch TV with you. I just hope that he doesn’t try to jump in bed with you.



Slovenia – $189 a night
Not surprisingly this igloo in Slovenia is seasonal and would look different every winter. It looks wonderful, though – from the photo it looks like this ski-in/ski-out igloo has it’s own fully stocked bar and an outdoor stereo system.



Burlingame, California – $330 a night
This is just like being a kid again. Except they have managed to squeeze adult-sized furniture in there. It also does have beautiful views of San Francisco Bay. And I’d imagine the host also supplies lots of lemonade and cookies.



Mirror House
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – $220 a night
Mirror, mirror on the wall. This house is perfect for the truly vain. Not only is the inside full of mirrors, so is the entire exterior as well.



Gypsy caravan
Bush, England – $140 a night
It’s not really that gypsy. This caravan in Cornwall, England has an electric stove, lights, television, DVD player and tea making facilities. There is also a separate bathroom with towels, robes and toiletries supplied. No crystal ball, though.



The Amazing House Truck
Wainui Bay, Takaka, New Zealand – $143 a night
The view is certainly amazing (or choice!), but the outdoor bath tub (as in a bathtub in the middle if the lawn) might be a bit nippy in a New Zealand winter



Water Tower
London, England – $250 a night
I hope the room doesn’t leak, but I love this old converted water tower. You need to be fit, though. The tower is accessed through six flights of exterior stairs, so it isn’t suitable for anyone unfit – or with vertigo.



The Seashell House
Isla Mujeres, Mexico – $300 a night
I stayed on Isla Mujeres not long ago, but if I knew this place existed I would have definitely stayed here. It has the perfect blend of kookiness and style. Check out the interior on the link above – the décor is all sea shell as well!

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