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Rule No.5: No Sex on the Bus

Brian Thacker, tour leader extraordinaire, tells it how it really is in this, his best selling and hilarious ride through Europe with a busload of raucous and rarely sober under 35s.

Planes, Trains & Elephants

More travel adventures from the best-selling author of Rule No. 5: No Sex on the Bus, involving every possible mode of transport, from the ruggedly intrepid to the downright dubious.

The Naked Man Festival

Bestselling author of Rule Number Five: No Sex on the Bus and Planes Trains + Elephants, searches out the most bizarre and downright wacky festivals in a frantic race around the world.

I’m not eating any that foreign muck

Thacker is on the road again, only this time he has Harry, his 73 year old dad in tow. On a two month odyssey they retrace Harry’s life, and in the process he finally gets to really know his father.

Where’s Wallis?

Thacker heads off for destinations unknown as he leaves the guide books behind and gets out of his comfort zone and into trouble in countries you’ve never heard of.

Sleeping Around

Thacker freeloads his way around the world, cadging free accommodation on couches, in wardrobes, in luxury resorts and under drum kits. This is extreme travel at its most ‘out there’.

Tell Them to Get Lost

Brian Thacker retraces Tony and Maureen Wheelers’ footsteps through South east Asia using the original 1975 Lonely Planet South east Asia on a Shoestring as his only guidebook.

Snapshots of Sri Lanka

Join some of Australia’s best known travel writers, who have generously donated their work to this anthology, as they explore the serendipitous joys of travel in Sri Lanka.

Red Dust and Wanderlust

Members of the Australian Society of Travel Writers share their favourite places and most memorable experiences from around our very
own big continent.