8 hints for a better flight.

Over my years of travelling I’ve figured out a few little ways to make long-haul flights more enjoyable – from the check-in to being airborne to getting out of the airport at the other end. There are a couple in my list that aren’t quite kosher, but mostly these are some simple ways to get the most (or least) out of hurtling through the air in a giant tin can. Read more


The 10 best desserts in the world.

I love desserts – and after pigging out this recent holiday season on cheesecake and pavlova and a gingerbread house made entirely of chocolate, so does my waistline. But it’s not just in the holiday season that my sweet tooth has its way. I have savoured and salivated over countless desserts in my travels and have even gone totally out of my way to satisfy my love for the perfect pudding. This blog took me a while because I started to write a list of my Top Ten desserts from around the world, but half way though I had to rush out and buy a cheesecake… Read more


Travel highlights of 2015.

It wasn’t a big travelling year for me, but I really shouldn’t complain. I still got in a few overseas and local trips that were full of great highlights, including hanging out with some wacky monkeys, jumping off a cliff to celebrate 30 years of skiing, discovering a deserted beach in Borneo with my daughter and snorkelling with a manta rays the size of cars off the coast of Bali. So, without further ado here are my Top Ten Travel Highlights from 2015 (in no particular order): Read more


A bad night’s sleep.

On my recent trip to Queensland I stayed for a night at my brother’s house in Hervey Bay. I was up there for his birthday party and, although it was a fun party, I had a terrible night’s sleep. That’s because the other interstate visitors had arrived earlier than me and got first dibs on the spare beds leaving me with the couch. Actually, I had the choice of two couches, but one was just about in the middle of the party (which was still going on when I was ready for bed). The other couch was in the second lounge room, which wasn’t quite as noisy, but it was even shorter than my diminutive stature, so I spent a very restless night firstly listening to drunken and rowdy singalongs, then tossing and turning trying to get comfortable. And finally when I’d just got comfortable the sun came up and bathed the room in bright light. This, by the way, was something like 4.00 in the morning because Queenslanders don’t have daylight savings because it fades their curtains. Read more


The 11 best galleries in the world.

I’m excited because I’ve just booked my tickets to the upcoming Andy Warhol exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria. I love his work – so much so that I have a large collection of framed Warhol prints (not originals, though, sadly) scattered around my home. The prints are gallery posters that I have collected in my travels (from galleries that I have visited), and not only do they make for great pieces of art, they also make for wonderful mementos.

Visiting art galleries has always been a big part of my travel experience and I have gone out of my way to visit hundreds of them over the years. My love of art began in high school and I left after year 10 to go to art school for two years, followed by a three year Visual Communication’ degree at Uni. One of my favourite things about visiting galleries is when I see a painting that I had stared at in books for years – it’s like seeing a celebrity that you’ve seen hundreds of times in magazines in real life! Read more


Adventures on and in the water.

A couple of weeks back, while I was up in Noosa in Queensland, I tried out stand up paddle boarding for the first time. My old college friend John just happens to be a stand up paddle board teacher (so I got a free lesson), but it was mostly because I was on a ‘holiday’ that I did it. There are stand up paddle boarding classes and hire only a ten minute drive from my home, but it’s amazing how often you try something new when you are travelling or on holiday. And stand up paddle boarding isn’t the only water based activity that I tried for the first time when I have been away. In fact, there’s quite a list of activities from the serene to the ridiculous: Read more


How to plan a trip overseas.

Last week a friend asked me how I planned my recent trip to Borneo. She asked me how I decided what to do, where to stay, how to get the cheapest flights, what tours to do, etc. On our Dad and Daughter Great Adventures I like to travel around and stay at different places, so we can explore and experience  as much as we can (and thankfully my daughter quite likes to do that too). I pretty much follow the same steps no matter where I’m going, but this is how I planned our Borneo trip: Read more


The world’s best sporting events.

The AFL (Australian Rules Football) finals are in full swing here and we are only 10 days away from what I think is one of the greatest sporting events in the world – the AFL Grand Final (although my team didn’t make the finals, so not as grand as I’d like). And yes, I may be a little biased being bred on footy in Melbourne, but it definitely is up there with the best sporting events that I’ve been to around the globe. Read more


The best breakfast in the world.

I love a good breakfast, and whether it’s bread and cold cuts in Germany or baked cheese pancakes in Russia, each country does their first meal of the day quite differently. When I travel I will try them all. I’ve had everything from frog porridge in Malaysia to stuffed sheep’s stomach (aka haggis) in Scotland. On my recent trip to Borneo I had mee goring (fried noodles) for breakfast one morning from the hotel buffet – although my 13 year old daughter outdid me by having mee goring, roti bread, spring rolls and fried chicken all piled high on to a plate. So, what’s the best breakfast from around the world? Here are my Top 10 (and sorry Malaysia and Scotland you didn’t make the cut): Read more


My 30 year love affair.

It was 30 years ago this winter that I first clicked into a pair of skis, and from that very first incredibly scary green run at Falls Creek in Victoria, Australia I fell head over heels in love – although there was more head over heels than love in that first week. Since then I have skied over 500 days, at 28 different resorts in 9 different countries. My love affair became an addiction – and an expensive one at that! Read more