Curling and other extreme après ski fun.

Last week I had an après ski drink at the Frying Pan Inn at Falls Creek. It brought back fond (and I have to admit – somewhat hazy) memories, because it was at the Frying Pan where I had my first ever après ski drink – after my first ever day on the slopes. It was so exciting to walk down through the snow to the pub then drink like crazy and dance like crazy then stagger and slip your way back to the lodge through the snow. You really feel like you have earned a drink after a big day of skiing – and it seems everyone else thinks the same and is out to celebrate. Aprés-ski endurance is almost as impressive as your ability on the slopes.

I would have had over 600 days of skiing in my life – and almost as many nights of après ski fun (I have snuck in a few quiet nights here and there). Admittedly I can’t quite remember a few of them, but here are my 10 favourite après ski experiences: Read more


8 hints for a better flight.

Over my years of travelling I’ve figured out a few little ways to make long-haul flights more enjoyable – from the check-in to being airborne to getting out of the airport at the other end. There are a couple in my list that aren’t quite kosher, but mostly these are some simple ways to get the most (or least) out of hurtling through the air in a giant tin can. Read more


The 10 best desserts in the world.

I love desserts – and after pigging out this recent holiday season on cheesecake and pavlova and a gingerbread house made entirely of chocolate, so does my waistline. But it’s not just in the holiday season that my sweet tooth has its way. I have savoured and salivated over countless desserts in my travels and have even gone totally out of my way to satisfy my love for the perfect pudding. This blog took me a while because I started to write a list of my Top Ten desserts from around the world, but half way though I had to rush out and buy a cheesecake… Read more


How to plan a trip overseas.

Last week a friend asked me how I planned my recent trip to Borneo. She asked me how I decided what to do, where to stay, how to get the cheapest flights, what tours to do, etc. On our Dad and Daughter Great Adventures I like to travel around and stay at different places, so we can explore and experience  as much as we can (and thankfully my daughter quite likes to do that too). I pretty much follow the same steps no matter where I’m going, but this is how I planned our Borneo trip: Read more