Air asia plane

Flights for $3 (inclusive of taxes and toilets).

I’m planning to go to Malaysian Borneo in June (for another Dad and Daughter Adventure) and I started looking at flights today. And being somewhat frugal I spent a lot of time trying to figure out the cheapest way to get there. After way too much time searching around I did find a cheap way, but it does mean detouring quite a bit. If we fly to KL with Air Asia we can get a flight from KL to Sabah, Borneo for around $35. I’m not sure If we’ll do it because we’d have to pay for accommodation in KL, but boy wouldn’t it be fun being an ex-pat in KL.

I’d be going to a different country every weekend if I worked in Malaysia. You could fly from KL to Singapore for $10, Krabi for $20 and Ho Chi Minh City for $25, plus just about everywhere else in Asia for you special price. Or you could fly to Penang for $10 then fly to Langawi for $3 (inclusive of all taxes).

Then again, if you lived in London (well, North London near Stanstead preferably) you could go away every week for $11.54 (all inclusive) with Ryan Air. For your $11.54 you can fly to Turin, Dublin, Dusseldorf, Gdansk, Oslo, Aarhus, Krakow and somewhere called Szczecin. Just don’t go to the toilet. Ryan Air have recently announced that they are planning to charge passengers ₤1 to use the toilet. Well, I suppose there’s one good thing about that – at least I wouldn’t feel so bad when I wee all over the floor.

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