Brian Thacker in jail

I’m going to prison.

Well, that’s what it looks like from my new passport photo (although the tribal tattoo on my forehead came out nicely). What am I talking about – it’s looks as if I’m getting a police mug shot for every passport that I’ve ever had. And it’s the same for most people (although my girlfriend Beth manages to look cute and not on her way to prison in her passport photo). I just got a new passport because I ran out of space in my old one even though I had another six years left on it (which I really can’t complain about because it just means I’ve done quite a bit of travel – and to countries that love huge stamps that take up an entire page). Here are my other passport photos over the years and a few other ones that make me look like David Beckham…

Brian Thacker
My fat head period…

Brian Thacker
With hoop earring and strange hoop around mouth

Brian Thacker
My first trip OS passport (wow, don’t I look young and all innocent)

passport photo
My first passport (okay, it’s not me but they are some impressive ears)

One shocked baby passport photo

One shocking hair passport photo

Just plain shocking passport photo


David Beckham passport
Here’s me looking like David Beckham – no hang on it is Becks!

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