Karaoke World Tour – USA

My name is Brian Thacker and I am a karaoke addict. I do love my Karaoke and in my travels I’m always on the look out for a karaoke bar so I can add another country to my World Karaoke Tour. I’m now up to 29 countries that I’ve sung karaoke in (yes, and I know it’s sad). So, as a special treat to you dear readers I’m going to do a semi-regular blog (and mostly when I’ve got nothing else to talk about) about some of my karaoke experiences.


I first discovered karaoke back in 1989 at a bar in Waikiki. Actually it was the large sign out the front of the bar advertising $1 Mai Tai’s (a cocktail of rum, triple sec, lime juice, and orange juice) that first drew me in.
I’d never even heard of karaoke, but I was very excited to see that you could just ‘pick’ a song then belt it out on stage to a ‘backing track’.  Not being one that’s shy when it comes to belting out a tune I put my name down straight away. My first karaoke song was ‘Daydream Believer’ by the Monkees. After doing a (without bragging too much) pretty good impression of Davy Jones I was hooked and I put my name down straight away for another tune. It all got a bit hazy after my second song (and third very large and strong Mai Thai), though. My last song for the evening was ‘Twist and Shout’. It was my last song because I fell off the stage. I thought I’d do a bit of ‘twisting’ during the lead break and my balance wasn’t at it’s best (and either is my twisting to be honest) and I toppled off the edge of the stage and onto a table and ended up in some large man’s lap. The karaoke MC wouldn’t let me sing after that. But that was fair enough – I was even having trouble string sentences together at that point.

Next week on Brian’s Karaoke World Tour: Vietnam 

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