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Planes, Trains & Elephants

Whether you’re an explorer or a tourist, the journey often proves to be more exciting than the place you arrive at.
Not to mention more alarming, entertaining, spectacular, dangerous or farcical. All of which is pretty closely connected
with the mode of transport you’re dependent on – from stubborn mule to ancient plane.
Brian Thacker has been on the look-out for unusual vehicles ever since he travelled down the Ovens River in the Victorian Alps
on a rubber inner tube when he was nine years old. Here he writes about his most memorable journeys,
including his trip on the Trans Siberian Express, his pub crawl on the London tube, his journey down the east coast
of Australia in a truck and a camel safari with a particularly grumpy camel.

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‘The author of Rule Number 5: No Sex on the Bus is back with more funny traveller’s tales.
If you think you’ve seen and done it all, you’ll enjoy reading this book’

‘Light and snappy and excellent for armchair travellers to read whilst dreaming of
intrepid adventure, but avoiding the pain that inevitably goes with it’
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‘True to life, irreverent and very funny.’
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‘Thacker’s exploits will have you chuckling out loud.’
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‘This hilarious and engaging book is the perfect companion on any bus ride, exotic cruise, elephant trek…’
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‘Describing his journeys with wit, persistence and good humour Thacker takes over where Paul Theroux and Bill Bryson leave off.’
BAY FM (Queensland)

‘Some travel books promoted as a funny read in fact barely raise a chuckle. This is one of the few that that lives up to its promise.’
Backpacker Magazine