Bangkok skyline

Sleeping Around wins ‘Travel Book of the Year’

I’ve just got home from the Australian Society of Travel Writers Awards night in Bangkok where I won ‘Travel Book of the Year’ for Sleeping Around. I even had to go up onto the stage in front of the 200 guests and give a speech (a very short one I might add). The other wonderful thing about my award is that I also won four nights staying at any one of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World. So, I’ve had a bit of a sore head today. And it probably wasn’t a good idea to go on a four-hour bike tour of Bangkok in the heat when I’d been still drinking Mojitos at two in the morning on the roof top bar at the Centara Grand. 

As well as partying like I was 24 I had a marvelous four days in Bangkok. I jammed in a lot of fun stuff. I certainly jammed in a lot of food with the help of the ‘locals’ who really looked after our stomachs. We were fed huge Thai banquets by Bangkok Airways, The Thai Tourism Authority and a spectacular show and dinner at SiamNiramit. I also visited the ‘Snake Farm’, lounged by the pool, went on a four-hour guided bike tour of the back alleys of Bangkok, lounged by the pool, had a long massage, did some shopping and lounged by the pool. But boy was I tired by the end. On our final night we went to see Bangkok’s most famous show Siam Niramit where we were treated to an absolute feast. I stuffed myself on duck red curry, barbecue prawns, pad thai, sushi, salad, baked fish, mussels, chicken green curry, cakes and ice cream. Plus a few Singha beers. But, after four busy days and a very full stomach, I fell asleep as soon as the lights went out for the show. Which is a rather impressive feat considering how much noise was going on. The world’s highest stage saw 150 performers (plus two live elephants and a few goats and roosters) recreate scenes from Thailand’s history. I dozed for about twenty minutes and I’d wake up startled by cannons going off or a heavy downpour of rain onto the stage and even a couple of elephants walking past two rows in front of me.

Here are some pics from my long long weekend…

The view
The view from my room on the 49th floor of the Centara Grand

Bike tour, Bangkok
Off on bike tour of Bangkok

bike tour, Bangkok
Negotiating narrow paths and roaming dogs

Bike tour, Bangkok
The back streets of Bangkok

Bike tour, Bangkok
The bright side of the road, Bangkok

The pool
The pool at the Centara Grand (where I did some serious lounging)

The bar
The 55th floor roof top bar at the Centara Grand (where I did some serious drinking)

Red sky bar
The entrance to the 55th floor Red Sky bar

The banquet
The banquet at Siam Niramit

The elephant
The ‘Australian Society of Travel Writers’ elephant!

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