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Tell Them to get lost


When Tony Wheeler wrote Lonely Planet’s first-ever shoestring guidebook, South-East Asia offered ‘cheap and interesting
travel without the constantly oppressing misery of some of the less fortunate parts of Asia’. Certain ‘hotspots’ in
the region attracted the tourist crowds, but there were many ‘untouched places’ too.

So have Tony’s recommendations stood the test of time? Just how much has South-East Asia
changed since the Wheelers ambled through the region in flared pants?

Brian Thacker decides to retrace Tony and Maureen’s footsteps through Portuguese Timor, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos and Burma
using the original 1975 South east Asia on a Shoestring as his only guidebook. Along the way Brian meets a cast of folk from the old guidebook who
are still manning hotel desks and serving in restaurants. He also encounters mishap and adventure at every step of the Banana Pancake Trail – breaking bread
with a gang of ravenous rats; swimming with a hungry goat-and-possibly-also-human-eating crocodile; crashing his scooter (twice); being wanted
by the police and propositioned by Gary who likes ‘pens’, and getting lost everywhere…


‘This is a fun read from a well-travelled writer’

Thacker is a great writer and describes his experiences with humour, even when he is running through streets piled high
with rubbish, having to cover the hotel bed sheets with his t-shirts because the sheets are so filthy, eating food caked
in burning chilli, buying train tickets on the black market or just getting hopelessly lost.

‘This is a useful, entertaining and informative book about contemporary south-east Asia.
The Age

‘An insightful and very entertaining read.’
Vacations and Travel Magazine