The 5 best travelling Instagrammers.

I joined Instagram not long after it started and for quite a few months I had no followers or followed anyone (although that was because there was no one I knew to follow). My first post (since deleted) was a shot of my foot. I loved the filters and frames on Instagram and it soon became my favourite app and social media tool – even if no one was seeing my brilliant post of my blue Converse runner on grey carpet.  Since then of course it was sold to Facebook for a paltry billion dollars (that’s Instagram was sold, not my brilliant shoe pic) and now has over 300 million monthly users (more then Twitter) and I at last have some followers! I try not to follow too many people (or you have to check it every hour to keep up), but there are a handful of travel writers/photographers that I do follow. There are a lot out there, but these are my five favourites that I follow:


Instagram-follow-me @muradosmann
2.5 million followers
This is impressive. And not just the fact that Russian-born Murad Osmann has over two million followers. What started off as an accident, when Murad’s girlfriend grabbed his hand impatiently when he kept stopping to take photos, has turned into a spectacular series shot from all around the world. He has even released a successful book (called ‘Follow Me’) about his Instagramming exploits.


Instagram@serjios @serjios
‘It’s not about what you see but how you see it.’ Serge is a lawyer from Beirut, Lebanon and although he doesn’t take travel shots per se, his very graphic and beautifully composed Instagram pics could have been taken anywhere. I love the starkness and simplicity of the shots. Again, like Murad’s ‘Follow Me’ I like the fact that there is an ‘theme’ behind the Instagram shots.


Instagram-lifeinthefastlane @lifeintheslowlane
Lisa Connell is an Aussie girl who travels around Australia in a 1959 caravan. When Lisa isn’t taking cool shots of her retro van (or other retro vans and cars) she takes beautiful shots as she travels around Australia and the world.


Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 7.40.27 pm @airbnb
Yes, this is a big brand’s Instagram feed, but what I love is all the wacky, cool, spectacular and amazing places that you can stay in with Airbnb. It’s not just all tiny apartments in the suburbs!


Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 7.42.17 pm @bthacker
Okay, this is my Instagram account (with a whopping 234 followers), but I have to give myself a plug!

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