naked man festival
sapporo snow festival

The naked man festival


‘It was only a degree above zero and the rain was coming down in sheets, yet here I was about to run around in
nothing more than a nappy. I was pretty sure it was going to be the silliest thing I’d ever done… ‘

Join Brian Thacker as he embarks on a round-the-world odyssey in search of as many silly, outlandish and even staggeringly
banal festivals as time, distance and severe bouts of exposure will allow. Along the way he is pelted with beans, overawed by
giant snow cows and stampeded in a temple full of men wearing nappies in hot pursuit of a stick. And that’s just in Japan.

Brian also manages to narrowly escape being sacrificed by a Vodou priest in Haiti and to retain his eyebrows after celebrating
Hogmanay in Scotland. He discovers 101 new and interesting things to do with a tomato; meets a woman at the
UFO Festival in Roswell who is regularly used by aliens for perverted medical experiments and hangs out at the
Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras with a bloke called Miss Stephanie.

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‘The result is an entertaining – and at times laugh-out-loud funny – sampling of festivals from around the world’
New Zealand Herald

‘Another great book from one of Australia’s best offbeat travel writers.’
Backpacker Magazine

‘Laughing out loud goes hand in hand with reading this book. Thacker manages to combine humour and the joys of travel superbly.’
Vacations and Travel Magazine

‘Thacker shares his humorous insights with a good blend of genuine information and healthy imagination.’

‘This book about going to foreign places and being very silly is great fun.’
The Sunday Age